Why Real Objects Matter When Counting!

How To Make Counting Meaningful with Real Objects
Your keiki first learns the number sequence through rote memorization. They hear you count and they repeat it. But to truly give meaning to numbers, count real, tangible objects with them! As they can touch, see, and experience those objects, the numbers become real!
So whenever possible, take the time to stop and COUNT the flowers...because this 🌺🌺🌺 means so much more to your keiki than this 3️⃣.
Here are a few ideas of what you can count out loud for your keiki!
For younger keiki, start with their everyday routines:
1️⃣ Count their onesies as you fasten/unfasten the buttons/snaps.
2️⃣ Count the tabs of their diaper as you open and close it during diapering.
3️⃣ Count their body parts.
4️⃣Count food items like snacks.
For older keiki, use what’s in their environment:
1️⃣ Count steps as you go up and down them.
2️⃣ Count sets of toys they enjoy playing with.
3️⃣ Go on a nature walk and count how many trees you see.
4️⃣Invite them to set the table, counting the plates/cups/utensils as they put them down.
As they get older, have them join you by counting aloud or pointing to items as you count together.
Side note: while it does take a few years for children to consistently recognize numbers in print form, do point out printed numbers when you come across them...but aim to do this in a fun way like when reading books or singing songs.
***Modify these ideas based on your child’s abilities and interests***

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