Driving Force Behind Itsy Bitsy Keiki



The Why of Itsy Bitsy Keiki

When I first came across this saying, it resonated so deeply with me. This right here...this is the driving force behind Itsy Bitsy Keiki. The understanding that how we raise our keiki today affect the future of our lāhui*. When we lift up our keiki, our lāhui rises! 🙌
I also wanted to take this moment to point out the kupukupu fern in our logo. The word “kupu” in ‘ōlelo Hawai’i means “to sprout”. Traditionally, this fern (pictured above) was used by Native Hawaiians to decorate hula altars because they symbolized the “sprouting” of knowledge. As an educator, a hula dancer and a Native Hawaiian, this fern holds special significance to me. In our logo, the fern is shaped like a brain, symbolizing the blending of ancient wisdom with current brain research. In our journey to become who we are, we must not forget where we came from.
Mahalo to the post by Kamehameha Schools where I first saw this saying!...and to my mahi’ai brother Kaiea for blessing mom and dad’s yard with this ‘ōma’oma’o beauty🤍
(*Lāhui: Nation, race, tribe, people, nationality)

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