How To Track Your Keiki's Progress: The Five Domains of School Readiness

Five Domains of School Readiness
As early childhood educators, we track our student’s progress and create lesson plans based on these five learning domains:
🗣📚Language and Literacy: focus on expressive (what they say) and receptive (what they understand) language; literacy focus includes reading, writing and the understanding of letters and their sounds
🧮 Cognitive: focus on problem solving and curiosity in their environment; math focus on number concepts, shapes, spatial relationships, measurement and patterns
🏃‍♀️✍️Physical: focus on gross motor (whole body movements) and fine motor (movements using small muscles in hands and wrists)
😊️😭😡Social Emotional: focus on self regulation, understanding feelings, forming relationships and cooperation
🧐Approach to Learning: focus on their persistence, creativity, curiosity, their ability to follow directions and how they collaborate with others
In future posts, we will refer to these domains to connect what you do at home to what your child is learning!

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