Math Is Everywhere

Where is Math in your Keiki's Environment?
Everywhere! It’s engrained into your daily routine and the activities you already do with your keiki. So to support your keiki’s growing math skills, you need to be able to notice it and use those moments to teach! When you talk about math throughout the day and provide them many opportunities to engage with it through play, you are setting a strong early foundation of math for your keiki.
Our next few posts will focus on making counting meaningful...but we want to emphasize that counting, even when done well, is not the only math skill your keiki needs. The other skills listed in our post (sorting, measurement, and patterning) as well as many others are equally as important for strong mathematical development.
And don’t fret if math was not your strong suit in school! I still have to use my fingers to add sometimes😝 But I assure you, math is all fun and games when it comes to young keiki...and there’s lots of fun for you to have to! 🤗

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