How Does Your Keiki First Learn To Count?

Can Your Keiki Really Count?
Rote learning, also known as rote memorization, occurs when information is repeated often enough that it is memorized. This kind of learning is more superficial, lacking a deeper understanding of a subject.
Keiki first learn to “count” through rote learning. As you count throughout their daily activities and routines, they are memorizing number words like any other word you speak to them. But unlike learning that this 👉🌺 is a “flower” or this 👉🐶 is a “dog”, numbers are more complicated. They require various other skills, knowledge and practice to be fully understood.
While rote learning is more superficial, it still serves an important role in learning numbers. We’ll share with you in our next post what you can count for your keiki to support their rote learning of numbers and how to make it more meaningful!

The cute baby in the photo was drawn by Native Hawaiian artist Bailey Onaga. Check out her art on her page here.

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