Why "Caregiver", not "Parent"?

Why "Caregiver" is A More Apt Term
You’ll notice in our future posts that we use the term “caregiver” (or “parent/caregiver”) instead of just “parent” and we want to give you a little insight into why:
✖️”Parent” can be a limiting term that most often refers to a child’s biological parent. But a child’s biological parent may not always be the one who cares for, loves and raises them.
✨For some keiki, that person may be their Aunty, Uncle, Tūtū (grandma), Papa (grandpa) or even a hanai/foster parent.
✨Some keiki may be primarily raised by their biological parent/s but they spend a lot of their time with other family members because childcare is expensive and many parents work multiple jobs.
✨For keiki who attend school or childcare between ages 0-5, their teachers and sitters also play a special role in their life.
🤍By using the term “caregiver”, we acknowledge everyone in a keiki’s life who play a part in caring for, loving and raising them.

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