About Us

What is Itsy Bitsy Keiki?

Itsy Bitsy Keiki is a comprehensive Early Childhood Education website that focuses on the growing brain of keiki as well as the continual learning that their parents and caregivers undergo as they raise their keiki. Our hope is to bring practical information about ECE in an easily digestible format that parents and caregivers can begin to use immediately. 

Who started Itsy Bitsy Keiki?

Itsy Bitsy Keiki was started by me, Anuhea Medeiros. I am a Native Hawaiian Infant/Toddler Teacher from Maui, Hawai'i, though a more apt description of my job is "full time teacher and part time mama." I have always loved working with children, all starting when I was in the fifth grade and would sit with my mama collecting breakfast money at my Elementary School. She was (and continues to be) my inspiration as a teacher. My interest in Early Childhood Education blossomed during my senior year of high school when I worked as an afternoon aide at the preschool I attended as a preschooler. One of my first co-workers was my preschool teacher! During my time in college, I continued to work in ECE, at the Child Development Center on campus, even though my major was completely unrelated. Four years later, after graduating with my B.A. in Biology and a minor in Psychology, my heart pulled me right back into ECE. And a year later, after more schooling, I was finally qualified to be an Early Childhood Teacher.

During this pandemic, while separated from my students and not being able to teach like normal, I realized I wanted to do something. And that's how Itsy Bitsy Keiki came to be. I wanted a way to teach my keikis' (and many other keikis') first teachers, who are their parents and caregivers!

The artwork used in our posts, products and resources are created by long time friend and Native Hawaiian artist Bailey Onaga. For more of Bailey's work, check out her personal shop here!