About Us

What is Itsy Bitsy Keiki?

Here at Itsy Bitsy Keiki, we are Early Childhood Education believers! So much so that we designed a line up of brain building tools! This includes toys, books and puzzles that teach Early Ed concepts like colors, numbers and shapes using mea Hawai'i. Because why should our keiki learn those concepts with lions, tigers and monkeys when they can learn it with i'a, manu and mea kanu? As Early Ed proponents, we also know how important it is that 'ohana be involved in this brain building process. Therefore, all our products include tips for play and reading! Our site and our IG go even deeper into these tips as well.

Who started Itsy Bitsy Keiki?

Itsy Bitsy Keiki was started by me, Anuhea Medeiros. I am a Native Hawaiian Infant/Toddler Teacher from Maui, Hawai'i, though a more apt description of my job is "full time teacher and part time mama." My love for working with keiki started in the fifth grade, when I would sit with my mama collecting breakfast money at my Elementary School. She was (and continues to be) my inspiration as a teacher. My interest in Early Childhood Education blossomed during my senior year of high school when I worked as an afternoon aide at the preschool I attended as a preschooler. During my time in college, I continued to work in ECE at the Child Development Center on campus. When I moved home, I continued my teaching career, working in both infants/toddler and preschool programs.

The pandemic completely halted my ability to teach in a classroom so I had to find a way to bring the classroom into the home. And that's how Itsy Bitsy Keiki came to be. Everything we create is centered around the fact that parents/caregivers are their keiki's first teachers. So while all our products are intentionally designed to boost development for keiki, it also requires 'ohana involvement!

The artwork used in our posts, products and resources are created by long time friend and Native Hawaiian artist Bailey Onaga (pictured with me below). Fun fact: Bailey and I are actually high school classmates! For more of Bailey's work, check out her personal shop here!

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